Smart House Integration Systems On the Rise…Here Are Some Of The Latest And Greatest Gadgets That You Need To Be Aware Of Right Now

smart-homeSmart-home integration is finally on the rise. How many times have you been on the sofa wishing you didn’t have to get up to pre-heat the oven for dinner? Well..soon you won’t have to. We are starting to see some new, savvy features that are a pretty big deal as far as technology is concerned.

The first example is the smart-thermostat, by Nest; and it isn’t your ordinary temperature changing device. This thermostat learns a homeowners temperature habits over time. For example, if you set your thermostat at 74 when you leave for the day, the thermostat will pick up on it, and start to turn it up or down for you when you leave. Usually set it to 64 before hitting the sack around 11 pm? It will start setting it for you at that time, too. Aside from being super handy, it can also help you lower your electricity billssmart-home-automation

It is also an enticing feature to a homebuyer if you are trying to sell your house. You’re also able to adjust the thermostat from your computer or mobile device from anywhere you want. The system also includes a security camera, keyless entry, and smoke detectors as well. What’s great about this, is that your home has an added sense of security. You can see what’s going on while you aren’t there. These features, too, can be operated straight from the app.

You’ll also be able to operate the lighting from within the app; even includes the dimmers! You can any lights on or off that you wish, straight from your phone. Forgot to turn the bathroom light off before getting in bed? Not a problem anymore. You can also access your alarm system. Something suspicious outside? Sound your alarm straight from your phone. You can also shut blinds if you want.


Why exactly are these features important? Well, aside from being extremely convenient, it also adds economic and safety benefits to a homeowner. These two things pay off when it comes to trying to sell a house. These days, Americans want convenience. There’s something to be said for any technological advancement that saves time and makes life easier.


  1. I mean…iPhones have a button called “Home” on the main screen where you can turn all of your lights on and off among a few other things. Is it really necessary to purchase a system when it seems like mobile technology is advancing like this?

    1. Hi Steven! Great point! Of course, as technology advances, the systems that you purchase are going to be much better than your iPhone app will be able to deliver. However, they will “do the job” in terms of turning the lights on, etc. like you mentioned. However, the fact that this type of app is becoming available is positive because it means that everyone is going to be able to have some sort of smart-system even if they can’t afford a major system.

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